The contextual search for KB articles using table configuration and the filter configuration is not taking the filter into consideration when searching. This happened after upgrading to a new version.


The incident deflection on the table configuration was corrupted after the upgrade


Resolution: Please follow the below steps to resolve this issue.

Steps - I

1. Navigate to the table configuration [Incident]
Table configuration: https://<instance_name>
2. Notice the field 'Search Context' has the value Incident Deflection
3. Make sure you have the code for the filter configuration as a backup.
4. Change the search context value from 'Incident Deflection' to any other value. Save the record
5. Again change the value back to 'Incident Deflection'. Save the record - [We are doing this so that it rebuilds]
6. Finally, create the filter configuration under the related list 'Filter configuration' and provide the code which was existing before.

Additionally, if the above is not sufficient to fix the issue, follow the below.

Steps - II

1. Navigate to the Incident Deflection record below.
2. Incident Deflection: https://<instance_name>
3. Notice the searcher has 'Knowledge, Pinned, Catalog, SocialQA'
4. Remove that value and add back the same value again, so that it is rebuilt.

Additional Information

The PRB for the behavior of this issue is captured in the ticket [PRB1360052]

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Last Updated:2019-09-13 16:31:22