Customers may use a custom JDBC activity to automate SQL commands and stored procedure calls to relational databases from orchestration.
If there is a requirement to use "Integrated Authentication", there is no option available to enable this when setting up a JDBC connection unlike Import sets where it is available in the data source configuration.
To get around this, you can make a modification to the "Connection URL" in the "JDBC Connection" record to include the following:



This tells the instance to use integrated authentication when making the JDBC connection.

Release or Environment

All versions


Go to the JDBC connection record (


There are 2 ways in which to modify the Connection URL to include this:

1) Change the "Format" to "-- None --" and adding the Connection URL 

ie. jdbc:sqlserver://<Server>;selectMethod=cursor;databaseName=<Database name>;integratedSecurity=true

The drawback is that you won't able to use "Test Connection" in the activity designer and have to use "Test Inputs" to test.




2) Run a background script to modify the "connection_url" field in the record to include "integratedSecurity=true".

This method still allows the "Test Connection" to be used. The only drawback is if you modify the JDBC Connection record, it may reset the connection URL and you will have to modify the field again to include Integrated Authentication.

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