Under certain circumstances, customers may run into performance-related issues within Connect Support.  One example of this is queues will not refresh unless a manual browser refresh is triggered.  This includes users waiting, the accept button, etc.  The issue may be intermittent in nature.

Release or Environment

All releases


Although there may be multiple reasons for why this is occurring, one of the primary reasons is too many browser tabs (for ServiceNow) open.  Our Development team has specifically stated that because each browser tab can use 2 AMB connections, the recommendation is to stay under 3 tabs.

  • Having 4-5 tabs open can cause performance issues.
  • Having 6+ tabs could potentially cause users to not see data (i.e., messages are lost).


Reduce the number of browser tabs containing the ServiceNow instance to 3 or less.

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Last Updated:2019-09-11 08:03:09