After adding an attachment to a record, if you View/download the attachment the first time the Updated timestamp on the sys_attachment record is updated. This doesn't happen on subsequent views/downloads of the attachment.

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This is expected behavior. 


As part of the Madrid release a new feature 'Antivirus Scanning' was added, which scans attachments in the instance for any virus definitions.

Doc link: https://docs.servicenow.com/bundle/madrid-platform-administration/page/administer/security/concept/antivirus-protection.html.

A new column 'state' was added to sys_attachment table which indicates if the file is clean/infected.

On state changes, 'updated and updated_by' are modified. This is expected since a field on that table changes.

PRB1343109 fixes change in 'updated and updated_by' fields on parent record.


Since this is expected behavior, our recommendation is to revisit the customized code that may be affected by this functionality.

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See KB0751556.

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