When the user changes the Knowledge Base associated with the article, the valid to date changes from the default value.

Release or Environment

New York and forward


  • New functionality added in New York release.
  • Default value for 'Valid to' field has been customized.


In New York, there is a new field on the Knowledge base table called 'Article Validity'. This is used to set the default value for the 'Valid to' field for the base's articles. A default value of 1,080 days from article creation is used if a value is not set for the 'Article Validity' field. This is why the value is changing when creating a new article.

The Valid to field is updated by client script "Change Default Article Validity Date": /

Through this, the script include 'KBCommonSNC' is called: /

Also, the default value for dictionary entry 'Valid to' has changed in New York:

javascript: current.kb_knowledge_base ? new global.KBCommon().getDefaultValidToDateFromCurrentDate(current.kb_knowledge_base) : '';


As the dictionary entry has been customized, the new default value in New York has not been added. Below are available options to resolve this behavior:

  • To use out of box functionality, set the default value in the 'Valid to' dictionary entry back to out of box. Then, the 'Article Validity' field can be utilized on the Knowledge base table.
  • Disable the client script "Change Default Article Validity Date" and use the existing default dictionary value. Please note, this is a customization and will fall outside of the scope of support.

Additional Information

Knowledge Management release notes [New York]

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