After Madrid upgrade a yellow banner in change forms that stated "Scheduling conflict detected. Use the Scheduling Assistant to avoid conflicts." 


In Madrid, the Client Script "Notify Conflict" has been made Inactive and a new Client Script "Conflict change" has been introduced, and the function "getSchedulingConflictMessage()" in UI Script "ChangeRequestConflictUtils" has been introduced too.

In Madrid, the "Scheduling conflict detected. Use the Scheduling Assistant to avoid conflicts." message has been added in the latter two artifacts:
* UI Script "ChangeRequestConflictUtils"
* Client Script "Conflict change"

However, in Madrid, there is no way to turn Conflict Detection off completely.

Suggested the following workaround to remove the message:

1. Disable running the conflict detection automatically by setting property "change.conflict.refresh.conflicts" to false. In this case, the conflict detector would only run manually by clicking on the "Check Conflicts" or "Conflict Calendar" UI Actions.
Note. If the conflict detector has not run for a CHG, you would not see the message. However, with this option, if the conflict detection has already been run for a CHG, the message might still display.

2. If the above configuration option is not viable, you can customize both UI Script "ChangeRequestConflictUtils" and Client Script "Conflict change" and comment out the relevant parts of the code.

3. The conflict message can be removed by taking out the Warning message from the UI Script.
Please follow the below steps:
1. Navigate to "ChangeRequestConflictUtils" UI Script.
2. Comment out line 86 : "g_form.addWarningMessage(getSchedulingConflictMessage(), "conflict_warn_status");"
3. Clear the browser cache and verify the change requests again.

Client Script "Check Conflicts"
UI Script "ChangeRequestConflictUtils"

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