When using the fiscal calendar setup of 544, the platform generates fiscal periods based on 5 weeks and two times 4 weeks. The standard "Resource (Allocated vs. Actual) graph" in the Portfolio Workbench cannot handle resource plan data against this kind of fiscal periods and does not display the data in the correct timescale periods. 

Steps to reproduce

  1. Install the Project Portfolio Management with Financials plugin (without Demo data)
  2. Select the 544 fiscal calendar type
  3. Generate the fiscal periods
  4. In the filter navigation, navigate to Resource > Resources > User
  5. Assign a user to the pps_resource role
  6. Navigate to Resource > Resources > Group
  7. Assign or create a Resource Group
  8. Ensure that the user/role above belongs to the Resource Group
  9. Create a project with a resource plan and cost plan
  10. Create a portfolio (simple planning type i.e Set Planning field to 'Simple')
  11. Open the Workflow Workbench, select and confirm the project in that fiscal year
  12. Go to the Track portfolio screen and look at the Resource (Allocated vs. Actual) graph
    • The hours of the resource are mapped to fiscal periods in a strange way, which makes this graph confusing.
    • The hours are evenly spread in the resource plan, but scattered in the graph e.g
  13. Confirmed/Allocated hours for 2019-09-01 - 2019-09-30 is 7 hours on the Resource Plan
    Confirmed_Allocated Hours

  14. But on the 'Resource (Allocated vs. Actual)' chart, the same period is 0

    Resource_Allocated vs. Actual chart

    The hours are evenly spread across the fiscal period, yet the chart does not reflect this



This is working as expected, in the 544 fiscal periods, the dates do not start from 1st of a month so it is not recommended to create monthly resource plans.

In the 544 fiscal periods, the recommendation is to create resource plans with weekly distributions. That way, start dates on the allocation will match the start date of the fiscal period and this issue will not arise.

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Last Updated:2019-09-06 03:42:19