When a Workflow has been checked out and its inputs have been modified, the Flow Designer "Call Workflow" action will use the modified input variables, but still run the the published version of the workflow. This can result in the workflow failing or behaving unexpectedly.

Steps to Reproduce

1. create a WF with 1 input - publish it
2. create a FD that Calls That Workflow, wire up the input - activate the flow
3. checkout the WF and delete the input + add a log activity to the flow that logs ("new thing")
4. impersonate some other user and trigger the FD flow

Expected: the published version of the flow will run and the FD flow will pass the input
Actual: the published version of the flow runs, BUT the FD flow doesn't pass the input to it


This is a limitation of Workflow, not the Flow Designer Call Workflow action. It can be handled on the Workflow side by copying the workflow being modified. The inputs can be changed on the copy without affecting published flows. When the new version is ready for production, modify the FD flow's Call Workflow action to call the new workflow with the new inputs.

Related Problem: PRB1340428

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