SuccessFactor integration is utilising both SOAP and REST. REST calls are running properly and getting records.

But SOAP calls are failing after the login calls.


Once the scheduled run has started the order of execution of the service will be in the order defined in "HR integration Service"

Among them "worker profiles", "effective worker profiles" etc are running Soap calls.

To run the soap transactions, SF has to give the session ID which we will get in the beginning of the scheduled job. But since the order of SOAP calls comes later the 10mins session will get expired.


From SF side you could find the logs as  "Invalid SFAPI session!"

To resolve this we need to refresh the session before the calls


Based on PRB1329431, this has fixed in Madrid Patch 7, London Patch 10,New York.

To backport this fix, you need to import the attached files to the ServiceMapping and Integration service.

A new refresh token has added with the order 35, which will keep the session alive

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Last Updated:2019-08-29 03:25:22