Any changes to the ‘Item Ordering Widget’ in Maintain Cart layout is not reflecting in ‘Order this Item’ section in the catalog item form.

Steps to reproduce: 
1.Login as an Admin
2.Navigate to 'Maintain cart Layout' through the left navigation.
3.Open 'Item Ordering Widget'.
4.DO any changes ( Like modify the button label (or) uncheck the 'Add to cart' button (or) add a macro to change the button color (or) Uncheck Delivery Time)
5.Open the catalog item form, you will not see any changes reflecting on the catalog item form.


1. The column "Use Cart Layout" on the catalog item records are set to false and hence they are not reflecting the Cart Layout settings.

2. Catalog Items records may have "Use Cart Layout" set to false, as explained in the documentation >Migrating to cart layouts

Item-specific settings:
Some catalog items can have cart layout settings that are specific to them.
For example, these items can show prices even though the general cart layout record settings hide prices.
To retain item-specific settings, clear the Use cart layout check box in the catalog item form.

for eg : these record on table ==> sc_cat_item can be set with columns "use_sc_layout" to false.



3. There is also a script include that explains migrating cart layouts "CartLayoutMigration"



You will have to review the Item specific settings on each record and consider updating the item records accordingly i.e use_sc_layout = true


Additional Information

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