Need to add a widget say "My Watch List" that would contain the list of incidents for which logged in user is in watch list (similar to "My Approvals" widget) on the homepage of service portal. This would help the user to easily view the incidents they are watching directly from the home page of the portal.

Release or Environment

Any Release


1.Navigate to Service Portal Configuration
2.Select Designer Option
3.Search for Service Portal (Index) page or paste the url [$]
4.In the search bar, on Widget tab type "Simple List"
5.Drag and Drop the list at desired location on the index page
6.Click the edit pencil icon on the top right corner of that simple list widget
7.Select the desired table say incident in table field
8.Paste the filter "active=true^watch_listLIKEjavascript:gs.getUserID()" in the filter field
9.Add the Display fields and Secondary fields that you want to display in the widget (Example: Number, short description, assigned to etc.)
10.In behavior section, define the page and view in which you want the incident to display after clicking on the link in widget
     Example: Link to this page = Ticket, view= default 
11.Click on Save button to save the changes of widget
12.Navigate to service portal and check if the widget is visible on homepage (Its name must be same as table name)
13.To change the Header of widget Ctrl+right click on the header of widget > Select "Instance in Page Editor"
14.Change the title to a desired one say "My WatchList"
15.Click the save button
16.Refresh the service portal home page and check the widget

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