We had an email come out with the subject line of On-Call Schedule - Gaps and Conflicts on Monday. It went to quite a few of our employees, I am trying to find the report but can't see to find it to find out why it went to the number of employees it did. 

Release or Environment



Users with rota_admin role.


The behavior seen is due to users with the rota_admin role. As the rota_admin role allows access to all Shifts (Rota schedules), all rota_admin users will receive the 'On-Call Schedule - Gaps and Conflicts' email. 

If you subtract users who are not active/locked out/no email listed ect. this will explain why the number of users received the notification. 

There is an out of box scheduled job that runs which sends the notification:
<Instance Name>

This calls the function sendReports in script include 'OnCallGapsConflictsReportSNC':
<Instance Name>

If you are wanting to implement different behavior, this function can be overridden in script include 'OnCallGapsConflictsReport':
<Instance Name>

You may also want to consider re-evaluating the users who have the rota_admin role in your instance to determine if they all require this role.

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