1. If in the instance , case order plugin (com.snc.csm.order) plugin is activated and choices are configured for the field 'Resolution code' only for case form then in Agent Workspace, all options are shown instead of the selected ones.
  2. If choices are configured for field 'Resolution code' on the case order (which extends sn_customerservice_case)  form as well then in Agent Workspace selected choices are shown.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Hop to any Madrid Instance.
2. Activate plugin for customer service case, order and agent workspace (com.sn_customerservice, com.snc.csm.order, com.agent_workspace)
3. Open any record on the sn_customerservice_case table.
4. Open the Resolution Information section of the form.(Refer to the screenshot)
5. Right click on the resolution code field and configure choices.
6. Go to Agent Workspace and open same record, see the resolution code options.
Expected behavior: Same choices as configured for the case form in regular 
Actual Behavior: It will show all the choice options.


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Related Problem: PRB1358612

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