Manual browser refresh is required when agent's session times out and agent re-logs into the system, to receive new chats to accept. This also includes an issue where agent need not re-login again due to instance system properties setup, but a new session gets connected in the backend.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Change system property "glide.ui.session_timeout" to value 1
2. Re-login in the instance while having the chrome developer tools open
3. Open the network tab on WS and click on messages for the amb connection
4. Wait until you get logged out and notice in the messages "glide.session.status":"session.logged.out" in the connect messages
5. Wait another minute until you see "glide.session.status":"null"
6. Log back in and you can notice that you "glide.session.status":"null" instead of "glide.session.status":""

Following are the steps to reproduce the issue on connect chat queue:

Browser 1:
1. Change system property "glide.ui.session_timeout" to value 1.
2. Pick a chat queue entry say: "Customer Service" and assignment group "Customer Service Support"
3. Add "David.Loo" to the above group, if David.Loo isn't already a group member.
4. As end user/maint, goto respective chat's support URL to initiate chat.$

Browser 2:
5. Login to private browser as David Loo (do not impersonate), and open sidebar for chat panel.
6. Accept chat.
7. End session for this chat.
8. Leave this browser open for say 5-6 mins and stay away from this browser in the meantime.
9. Any one of the following:
a. If system property "" is set to true, and you checked remember me checkbox during initial login, you need not login again whereas a new session establishes in the backend when you refresh/do any activity in the instance after 5/6 minutes of inactivity.
b. If "" is set to false, you will have to login again using the login popup that displays automatically.

Browser 1:
10. Initiate another chat as end user/maint.

Browser 2:
Expected behavior: Agent David Loo should see new chats to accept in sidebar/navpage panel.
Actual behavior: Agent David Loo does not see new chats coming in, until he refreshes his browser.


Setting the system property "glide.cometd.websocket.enabled" to false if remember me is off will provide a workaround for this problem.

Setting the system property "com.glide.amb.session.logout" to false if remember me is on will provide a workaround for this problem.



This problem is interrelated to PRB1358734/KB0760394 - Connect Support needs to refresh chat count on AMB recovery

Related Problem: PRB1357390

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