Alert remediation subflow associated with the alert management rule not triggering on updating alert description through events

Steps to reproduce:

For example  :

The alert was created by an initial event which updated the description of the alert with several data points and triggered the remediation subflow based on the alert management rule 

The subflow led to the creation of incident with the initial description with a "nil" case id value.

Create another event associated with this alert with a value for the case id "12345665656" - event url :
this event led to updated alert description but it didn't run the alert remediation subflow on update.

ideally the subflow should have triggered on the update.


Automatic executions limit on alert management rule was set to 1

Automatic executions limit field is used to configure how many times the workflow is executed. This value sets the maximum number of executions of the workflow as long as the alert is open. The counter is reset when the alert is closed. So it was executing a workflow only once


Open an Alert Management Rule for the alert execution. 

Navigate to Actions tab

Set "Automatic executions limit" to 100 . (You can set it to any number >1 depending on your usecase)

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Last Updated:2019-08-23 13:05:59