1. PROD instance will list only the plugins which your organisation is entitled to and this is cross checked from the “Subscription” table on the PROD instance. Instance admin should be able to install these plugins.

2. SUB PROD instance will not have the “Subscription” table as this table is excluded in a clone OOB; hence “Free” and “Paid” plugins will be listed there and Instance admin can install and try them on their SUB PROD instances.

3. There are MAINT only plugins which will be visible and Installable for Instance admin on your PROD if your organisation have purchased the entitlement for that plugin.

4. These MAINT only plugins will NOT be visible on SUB PROD instance for which you can request the plugin installation via HI. This is not visible as there are no “Subscription” table on SUB PROD even though your organisation is entitled to it.

5. Because of Point 2, if your company is testing a plugin on SUB PROD; please make sure that this plugin is visible and Install option is available on PROD before you plan PROD implementation of that plugin.

6. SUB PROD plugin installations do not have any licensing requirements associated with it.

7. A clone from PROD will overwrite all plugin installations on the target instance and you have to install the plugin again if a specific plugin was not installed on PROD/Source of the clone and was getting tested on the target SUB PROD.

Additional Information

The visibility of the plugin is dependent on the instance based on the subscriptions they are entitled to.


Even if it is a MAINT only plugin, if the customer has subscription to that plugin, it will be displayed for activation for the instance admin.

This is determined by the “Entitled” is YES on the v_plugin


But there can be issues with listing this plugin on the SUB PROD instance as SUB PROD does not have *subscription tables. So there is no validation and MAINT only plugin will NOT be visible for the instance admin. Entitlement will not be YES on v_plugin.


This is an expected behaviour and this was changed in L release. So if the customer cannot see a specific plugin on SUB PROD; they have to request the plugin through HI catalog for plugin activation.


Please check this documentation for more information on Plugins.

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