When a Column type, Time Series report has a Condition using the "Keywords" field and is configured to display the columns by date, the months will not display in the correct order.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Navigate to Report > View / Run

2. Create New

3. Configure the report as follows:
- Table: Task
- Type: Time Series > Column
- Group by: None
- Trend By: Opened
- Per: Month
- Aggregation: Count

4. In the Conditions builder add any condition with the "Keywords" field. For example, applying any of the following to an OOB instance will display the issue (not specific to just these conditions, any condition containing "Keywords"):

"Keywords are email"
"Keywords are application"
"Keywords are change"

Notice some of the months displayed in the X axis do not appear in the correct order from the furthest calendar date to the closest.


This is expected behavior in the current releases, "Sort by keywords" is not supported. Using the keywords feature for reporting is not a recommended practice.

Related Problem: PRB1333367

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