Several users have complained about homepages where the verticle slider bars are frozen after the page loads. The slider and any links in the page can be frozen for 2 - 7 seconds after a page refreshes or loads on the home screen.

Release or Environment

Madrid P4, but earlier versions may also be affected.


Review the following items first, to determine if a browser extension is an issue:

  • home page transactions for the user show nothing to explain the slow to respond verticle page sliders.
  • review of application node logs does not show anything to be EXCESSIVE (no slow sql, session wait, acl or business rules are found)
  • Developer tools within the browser show no significant response time times, yet the verticle scroll bars can be seen to be unresponsive for between 2- 7 seconds
  • home page caching property has been disabled and a full home page reload (several times) finds no improvement in response time. 
  • test using another browser and chrome incognito WILL CONFIRM the problem is no longer present.

NOTE: The last step above (incognito window) will bypass most browser extensions and help confirm the issue to be extension related.

  • Go back to a regular browser session and confirm the issue with verticle scroll bars remains.
  • Disable, one-by-one each browser extension in the regular browser session, until the home page verticle scroll bars are confirmed to be responsive.

Cause of the issue:

The Google Chrome Extension "Norton Safe Web".


In Google Chrome, disable the extension "Norton Safe Web.

Additional Information

All normal debug techniques used by Performance Support will likely NOT show where the delay verticle scroll bar response is being seen.  Browser Developer Tools and transactions don't give any insight into this issue.  Additionally, ServiceNow Support does NOT use this browser extension and will likely not be able to reproduce this issue.  Reproduction is only possible for the end-user in their own browser session.  This can be clearly seen in a shared screen Zoom meeting between support and the customer. 

Article Information

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