• CMDB Baseline created for "cmdb_ci_hardware" table doesn't capture the changes made to the fields of any CIs.

Release or Environment

  • Any release


The probable cause would be,

  • some CIs may not have existed at the time the baseline was created, and
  • it only lists changes of the CI's since the baseline was re-created.


In order to fix the issue,

  • Delete the existing Baseline which is in place and create a new Baseline. (e.g. Name "Hardware baseline" for "cmdb_ci_hardware" table.)
  • Once the baseline calculation gets completed, take 2 CI's from different table and perform the changes to the fields.
  • In this case, a CI from the table "u_cmdb_ci_hybrid_device" and another CI from "cmdb_ci_linux_server" were taken and tried changing a few field attributes.
  • The changes made to the CI from the table "u_cmdb_ci_hybrid_device" weren't captured in the baseline because the corresponding table "u_cmdb_ci_hybrid_device" was not audited.

  • The changes made to the CI from the table "cmdb_ci_linux_server" were captured in the baseline because the table "cmdb_ci_linux_server" was audited.



Additional Information


  • The baseline for the table will be calculated only when the corresponding table is Audited.

Documentation reference: Baseline CMDB

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