UI Policy with condition for two fields is not executed if :
1. Both fields are 'Date' type and
2. If one is 'Date' type field and another is 'Date/Time' type field.


Steps to Reproduce

Open instance

1. Create sc_cat_item and variables as below.
start date (Date)
end date (Date)
Multi Line Text
2. On Catalog UI Policies, create as below on When to Apply
end date "is more than" "1" "Days" "after" start date
Then add the Multi Line text you creat step 1 to Catalog UI Policy Action with "Mandatory" = True
3. Click on update and Click on Try It
4. select start date and end date (at least later than 1 day)

Expected: UI policy should be triggered and Multi Line Text field should become mandatory when two date fields are being compared.
Actual : Multil line text is not getting mandatory and there is an error on browser console saying "Cannot read property 'split' of undefined" for ui_policy.js.

Same issue is coming if one of the fields is of Date/Time field.

But the issue is not seen if both fields are of Date/Time field types.


<p>This problem has been fixed. If you are able to upgrade, review the <strong>Fixed In</strong> or <strong>Intended Fix Version</strong> fields to determine whether any versions have a planned or permanent fix.</p>

Related Problem: PRB1340794

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