1. Overview
  2. Prerequisite and Setup
  3. Understanding Event Management
  4. Managing and monitoring Alerts
  5. Connectors and Listeners
  6. Domain Separation in Event Management
  7. Troubleshooting  Guide

1. Overview.

  • This article will demonstrate the procedure to set up and configure the Event Management Module in an environment. Using this article, we will understand events generation & processing, dealing with alerts and alert remediation, etc.
  • The purpose of this document to showcase all event management related modules at the same place and help TSE's with understanding the flow of data, get details of the code associated, and other details related to working and configuration.
  • This is the initial version of the document and the goal is to keep improving the documents as and when required based on the feedback and suggestions received.

2. Prerequisite and Setup.

3. Understanding Event Management.

4. Managing and Monitoring Alerts.

5. Connectors and Listeners.

6. Domain Separation

7. Troubleshooting Guide

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