Major Incident Process - Caller Field is copied to the Major incident when creating a Major incident through the child incident. This was not experienced when in Kingston release , but when upgrading to London or later release this behavior in Major incident management is experienced.

Release or Environment

London and later releases


1. Since London release the new feature is introduced that allows you to configure what fields should be copied over from the child incident when creating a Mojor incident from it. 
Please refer to the documentation here > Properties installed with Major Incident Management

2. Out of the box the following columns are configured to be copied to the Major incident by default.

short_description, impact, urgency,category, subcategory, caller_id, contact_type, cmdb_ci, business_service.
3. This feature did not exist in Kingston. 


This is the new feature introduced since London release and you can configure the Mojor incident properties by navigating to
Incident ==> Major Incidents ==> Administration ==> Major Incident Properties (under this page review the data in "List of attributes (comma-separated) that will be copied from the child Incident when creating a Major Incident.")

If you do not want caller_id to be copied you can remove the column from the list.

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