• When the Cloud discovery initiated and completed successfully, it is observed all the Cloud resources are getting populated but the "Resource Groups" are not populated to "cmdb_ci_resource_group" table even when there are multiple Resource Groups are available on the Console.

Release or Environment

  • London P* Madrid P* 


  • It is observed that CI Metadata is missing with Containment rules and having additional hosting rules for the Resource Group.


  1. Log in to the instance.
  2. Navigator >> Metadata Editor >> Containment rules >> and make sure "Logical Datacenter" and "Cloud Service Account" contains Resource Group.


  3. Navigator >> Metadata Editor >> Hosting rules >> and make sure there are no entries 


  4. If any of the "Containment Rules" are missing, need to add them manually.
  5. Navigator >> cmdb_metadata_containment_list >> Click on New and add the missing containment rule 

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Last Updated:2019-08-07 19:59:36
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