Agent Workspace is a configurable service desk application that provides an integrated and intuitive user experience enabling agents to be more efficient.

It can show incident, case, task and other records to manage.


Agent Workspace



Search Resources

In a record view, for example, an incident record view, there are "Agent intelligence" tab and "agent assist" tab to search related incidents, articles, catalog item, etc.

These are configured with difference search resources to obtain the results.


Agent Assist Tab: 

The results are based on the Searcher associated with the Search Context.

OOB environment, this is set to "Incident Deflection" and the searcher is "Knowledge, Pinned, Catalog, SocialQA".


Agent Intelligence Tab:

The results are based on the resources listed under the "Additional Resource Configurations" related list on the Search Context.

OOB environment, "Open Incidents" is the default search.


Additional Information

Agent Intelligence can also be based on "Machine Learning" if you have the "Agent Intelligence" plugin installed.


Agent Intelligence

Article Information

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