A user who has "sn_customerservice.customer_admin" role can't see all roles listed in "sn_customerservice.contact_role_assignment" property on service portal.



  1. Go to Customer Service > Administration > Properties (sn_customerservice.contact_role_assignment system property)
  2. List roles in "External roles that can be assigned to contacts via Customer portal". These roles should be available to edit on CSM.
  3. impersonate to a user who has "sn_customerservice.customer_admin" role.
  4. Go to /csm
  5. Go to  Support > Contacts
  6. Select any contact to edit
  7. Click "Edit Role"

Only "sn_customerservice.customer" and "sn_customerservice.customer_admin" are available. Can't see "sn_customerservice.partner_admin" or "sn_customerservice.partner".




The roles availability depends on the configuration of the account that the contact belongs to.

If the account is configured only as a "Customer" then partner roles would not be available in "Edit Role".


How to check if the account is "Customer" or "Partner"?

  1. Go to Customer service > Contact
  2. Open the contact (user) 
  3. Check "Account" this contact belongs to.
  4. Go to Customer > Account
  5. Open the account
  6. See the checkbox for "Customer" and "Partner".


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