Login button on Customer Service Portal (csm) registration page routing to wrong page (customer_service)

Steps to Reproduce

Activate CSM (Customer Service Portal) Portal.
1) Create a User and grant the (snc_external) role.
2) Add Regsitration code to any Account.
3) In an incognito window proceed to the csm portal /csm
4) Click on Register: Populate all fields on this form with Registration Code populated for Step 3
5) Submit the request
6) Click on (Login) button on the Header and login with credentials created in Step 1

Note: It loads to (customer_service) CMS page -
But it should be routed to CSM Portal-


The issue is caused by the business rule "Display request message" written for the tale sn_customerservice_registration:

Where we have :

If CMS is not in use the above can be changed to:
gs.setRedirect("/csm") or the portal you're using


Related Problem: PRB1328207

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Fixed In

Madrid Patch 9
New York

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