Modified stages in flow designer does not reflect in Service Catalog Delivery time

Steps to Reproduce

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Create a Flow with Stages and set a Duration
2. Associate the Flow with a catalog item
3. Click 'Try It' > The delivery time is the sum of the stage duration of the flow (expected)
4. Now, modify the Flow stage duration so that the duration will be different
5. Save and Activate the Flow
6. Click 'Try It' > The delivery time is still the same as the old delivery time (unexpected)


Workaround 1: 
1. Order the catalog item associated to the modified flow. 
2. Clear the cache (
When you order again, the stage duration is now synched with the delivery time 

Workaround 2: 
1. When modifying the stage duration, you can make another benign change to the Flow (change a label etc.) and then click "Activate" again. This will force a re-compile. 
2. Clear the cache (

Related Problem: PRB1354872

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