CMDB Health Dashboard provides a summary of the current health of organizations CMDB. Sometimes, the dashboard may behave unexpectedly showing negative values in the graphical user interface.



  • The percentage score is the measure of records which satisfies given compliance.
  • In the above-attached screenshot, it was showing the record count as 785/776, which means that 785 record entries found in cmdb_health_results table out of which total of 776 entries in the group at the time of dashboard data calculation.
  • In other words, the calculation goes as:
(Current number of cmdb_health_result records for failed CIs, which was correct at the time in the past that the scheduled health job last ran, but may not be now)/(Current number of cmdb_ci records, taking identification inclusion rules into account right now).
  • The top/bottom of the fraction are not the same thing, and not necessarily updated at the same time, which can lead to weird results.
  • For example, the customer could delete CIs, change the identification inclusion rules or have manually corrected the data perhaps, but the cmdb_health_result records won't be deleted and recreated until the next scheduled job runs.

Additional Information

The dashboard should get fixed during the next scheduled run of the health job. However, if the discrepancies persist even when the next scheduled job is run, it is more unlikely that the graph would get corrected. 

Our development team is working on improving this it should do better in the next upcoming releases.

If you have further questions regarding this, you can contact ServiceNow Technical Support.

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 20:36:00