Usually, under the Variable Set related list on any catalog item form, the names of catalog items are shown as a hyperlink. Clicking on the name of the variable set will open the respective record. However, sometimes these names are not shown as a hyperlink when the language of the instance is changed.


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The hyperlinks are visible based on the translation present for the names or not. If there are no translations present for any of the variable set names, then even in a language other than English also will also be shown a hyperlink. When it is a multi-lingual instance, the name of the field will first be searched on the translation tables to fetch the relevant translation. In this case, it will search from sys_translated table. 

However, if there are multiple variable sets on the catalog items (say 3), and only 1 of those have the relevant translation present on the sys_translated table, only that variable set name will have hyperlink shown under its name. For other 2, no hyperlink will be shown for those.


For multi-lingual instances, separate translation records need to be created on sys_translated table, for each of the variable sets, for each language other than English.

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