When viewing services_status page in Service Portal, all the Business Services are not showing


Release or Environment

Any supported release


Below are the possible cases :

  1. Number of records in cmdb_ci_service table is more than 250
  2. Class is not cmdb_ci_service  



  1. Number of records in cmdb_ci_service table is more than 250 :As per the code in Server Script of Business Services Status widget, there is a check if there is a limit of the number of the records to show in Widget Instance options. If not this is defaulted to 250. If there are more than 250 records in cmdb_ci_service table, all these additional records are not shown. Edit the widget instance option to show the required number of records.
  2. Class is not cmdb_ci_service : When doing the Glide Record query on cmdb_ci_service table, there is a query restriction that checks if the records are of class cmdb_ci_service (Line 19 of Business Services Status widget)

                      svs.addQuery("sys_class_name", "cmdb_ci_service"); 

        Because of this, if there are any records in cmdb_ci_service table that are not of class Business Service, those records are not shown. If the requirement is to show all records, clone the Business services widget, and comment out the above line of code and use this cloned widget. 

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