Self-hosted customers setting up Team Development may get the following error: "Unable to validate connection: Loopback and site-local URLs are not supported. Provide the URL of another instance".

Steps to reproduce

  1. Navigate to Team Development > Remote Instances.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter the information for the user login credentials and hostname for a remote instance.
  4. Click Test Connection
  5. The error message is displayed


The "glide.update_set.remote.check_host" property is defaulted to "true" in the instances.


Log in to the instances and check for name "glide.update_set.remote.check_host" in system properties. If you do not find it, try to create the system property record from UI with following values: 

Name : glide.update_set.remote.check_host 
type : True/False 
value : false 

Should this fail, you will need to update or create this property in the database, with the following SQL: 

SELECT * FROM sys_properties WHERE name='glide.update_set.remote.check_host';

If the property exists but has the 'value' column set to "true", run the following:

UPDATE sys_properties set value='false' WHERE name='glide.update_set.remote.check_host';

If the property doesn't exist (as is the case in my instance), create it in the database like so: 

  • first generate from instance Background scripts a new sys_id:

              gs.print(new GlideGuid.generate(null));

  • copy the sys_id into the INSERT statement (make sure you replace the sys_id in red with the value you got generated):
         INSERT INTO sys_properties (name, suffix, type, description, choices, is_private, ignore_cache, value, sys_id, read_roles, write_roles) VALUES ('glide.update_set.remote.check_host', 'glide.update_set.remote.check_host', 'boolean', NULL, NULL, 0, 0, 'false', 'df34bce3db4fc4d0cdec8324399619fd', NULL, NULL);
INSERT INTO sys_metadata (sys_class_name, sys_name, sys_update_name, sys_id, sys_updated_by, sys_updated_on, sys_created_by, sys_created_on, sys_mod_count, sys_scope, sys_replace_on_upgrade, sys_customer_update, sys_package, sys_policy) VALUES ('sys_properties', 'glide.update_set.remote.check_host', 'sys_properties_df34bce3db4fc4d0cdec8324399619fd', 'df34bce3db4fc4d0cdec8324399619fd', 'sergiu.panaite@snc', '2020-02-12 13:17:20', 'sergiu.panaite@snc', '2020-02-12 13:17:20', 0, 'global', 0, 0, 'global', NULL);

After doing either of the above, log back into the instance, and clear the cache of the properties by running the following script in "Scripts - Background":


Finally, restart the instances.

Note: The above SQL commands are meant for MariaDB installations only! Should your company's instances be running on Oracle, you will need to convert the SQL.

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Last Updated:2020-02-24 07:18:23