Sometimes users notice that their sessions in the instance are not timing out and that sometimes it occurs when a user sitting on a homepage where it keeps the session logged in.

Steps to reproduce: 

1) Open ServiceNow
2) Goto a Task Record or Homepage
3) Sit for the longer than the session expiration time (You can find that here https://[instance]
4) Navigate to some other record

Release or Environment

Confirmed in Kingston Patch 14, it maybe seen in other version as well.


Possible Causes to Check:


1) First verify the property 'glide.ui.session_timeout' to identify the configured session timeout window for all sessions. it is set at 15 minutes (Default is 30 minutes). Go to 'https://[instance]'


2) Check the possibility that for users that don't experience the session time-out are the users that have the 'Remember me' checkbox checked on the login page. Users who select the Remember me checkbox will never timeout and are unaffected by session timeout properties.


3) Check if the users that are on homepages are getting an extension on the session timeout because of these properties that are set to true by default:


glide.ui.auto_req.extend.session: When set to true, the system automatically extends a user's session by the value the user selects for the homepage refresh time. If there is no homepage refresh time, the standard timeout value applies. Tablet and mobile devices do not support this property. When set to false, user sessions will timeout if the Remember me checkbox is clear. The timeout is based on whether there is a homepage refresh time. When there is no homepage refresh time, the standard timeout value applies. When there is a homepage refresh time, the user session times out after the timeout value plus one interval of the homepage refresh time. For example, if a user selects to refresh interval of 5 minutes, then user sessions expires after the timeout value plus five minutes.


Conclusion: This type of scenario is working as expected, therefore there is currently no PRB documented on this.


Set the properties below to 'false'. Create them if they are not on the https://[instance] page:

Note: Make the DataType: 'true|false'





Additional Information

You can add the following properties to the System Properties table and set their values as false while the type are true|false Handles errors for timed out Ajax requests when set to true. Automatically resubmits timed-out Ajax requests when set to true and the Remember Me checkbox is selected or automatically set. A popup appears to users asking them to continue.

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