Our monitoring system will automatically create cases titled "Email Reader Job stuck/running for more than 2 hours" for when we detect when the Email Reader Job runs for longer than 2 hours. 


What is the Email Reader Job?

The Email Reader Job is a scheduled job that runs every 2 minutes and is responsible for reading emails from any POP3 or IMAP servers that are registered in Email Accounts. It will continue running until there are no more emails to be read from the POP3/IMAP server.


Common Causes of The Alert

  • A large influx of incoming email that needs to be read from the POP3/IMAP server. If this is coming from one user and is unwanted, you can disable the user so that the emails are ignored.
  • Email loop between the instance and a user that has an auto-reply email sent back that is processed. This can be stopped by disabling the notification/inbound action or using email filters on the instance or can also be addressed on the user side to stop the auto-replies.
  • Email bounce backs. This is similar to email looping but the user is instead an email server sending an error response back to the instance which in turn causes a loop. This will require investigation from the admin of that email server.
  • Slow business rule on the sys_email table. If there are any slow business rules that run when new emails come in then this will delay the email reader from reading new emails as it must wait until the sys_email record has been created before reading the next email from the server.


Self Checks

You are able to check yourself if the Email Reader job is still running from the following KB: Verify that the Email Reader is running
The emails received and email loops can be checked by going to Emails on the instance to check the recent emails.
Inspect any business rules for the sys_email table that were recently changed that could cause a delay in reading new emails. For example, a big or complex query in such a business rule would slow new emails from being added to the sys_email table.


Additional Information

If you are not able to find the reason why the Email Reader Job is running for more than 2 hours, then technical support should be able to help.



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