The refresh sub account API is failing to refresh subordinate accounts under the Master account, which causes the Test Account button to throw an error.

Steps to Reproduce

Prerequisite: Configure an AWS Master Service Account with more than 20 associated accounts on the cloud configuration UI. Select validated account and note that only service accounts are listed. To configure an AWS Master Service Account, use the following account details and contact Daniel Badyan for credentials.
Account ID: 751200741520
Account name: neebula

  1. Go to the home page.

  2. Add Master Account credentials.

  3. Click Test Account.

Result: It will cause the error message “An error occurred while trying to discoverand will not display any subordinate accounts.



  1. Navigate to the Service Account page.

  2. Click the Master Account created.

  3. Click Refresh Member Accounts.

  4. Note that the Cloud service account tab lists all the member accounts.

  5. Navigate to Home page.

  6. Select AWS as the provider and provide a schedule name.

  7. Click the Select Account Radio button and select the service account (e.g. Master account).

  8. Click Test Account.

Result: It will produce the message “Account validation is successful.” and show the subordinate account details. The refresh button will not work, and subordinate accounts can only be refreshed at the Service Account page. Users can select appropriate member accounts for the next Discovery schedule.

Note: Even editting existing schedules, requires clicking Test Account before the Discovery schedule can run.

Related Problem: PRB1343622

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New York Patch 1

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