Service Portal doesn't rotate session for the instance with SSO enabled when the session expires and you click on 'buttons' like 'Order Now'/'Submit'.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Log onto the instance https://<instancename> (With SSO enabled)
2. Make the value of glide.ui.session_timeout to a small number like 1 or 2 mins.
3. In an incognito window, navigate to https://<instancename> and to any catalog item.
4. Leave this window as is for a time (in minutes) greater than the value put in step 2 above.
5. If you try to click on any link like Order/Submit its just freeze nothing happens but if reload the browser the user gets re-authenticate.

6. Repeat same progress from 3 steps now instead of Service Portal just go to and open any incident/change/problem record and fill the mandatory field. If you try to click on any link like Save/Submit, session rotates perfectly fine.


Set the value of system property (glide.ui.session_timeout) to higher value.

  • table sys_properties.list
  • Name: glide.ui.session_timeout
  • Type: integer
  • Value (in minutes): 120/180(or as per your business requirement)

Related Problem: PRB1353839

Seen In

New York Patch 4

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