This article will demonstrate the roles required to Discover the roles required to Vmware License Keys.

Additional Information

  • As per the document  "Discovery for VMware vCenter" it is mentioned to have the  "read-only" access for the Vcenter Discovery to gather the required information.

  • Please refer  "Data collected for VMware vCenter Server" to understand the data collected from Vmware Vcenter Discovery with "read-only" access to the credentials
  • While using Software Asset Management or similar tools, it is also required the Vcenter Discovery to gather the information of License Keys (usage) and the "read-only" access  is not sufficient to gather the information of License Keys
  • Below are the additional roles required to the Vmware credentials to populate the License Keys.

    • read-only 
    • License Admin 

Additional Information

  • Please communicate with Vmware admin to have the Vmware credentials with above-required privileges.



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