Upgrade to Madrid - Missing Tabs (Work Order Tasks, Affected CI's, Task SLA) on Work Order form on Case view.




This change in behavior is seen because these related list records for wm_order table come from the Customer Service with Field Service Management plugin. 

In Kingston, this plugin only brings in 73 files and it does not create a related list record for wm_order for the Case view. Due to this, the case view utilizes the Related lists directly from the default view. 

In Madrid, the same plugin brings in 167 files one of which is the related list(sys_ui_related_list) record for wm_order table on Case view. This record does not have the same related lists added to it as compared to the default view.


To resolve this issue in the affected instance, as an admin, open any Work order record.
You will see that this is loaded in the Default view.
Switch your view from the context menu to the Case view.
Once the form loads in the Case view, go to the form context menu -> Configure -> Related Lists.
From the popup that shows up, you can add the same related lists the way they exist in the Kingston instance(where the default view related lists are shown).

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 20:37:44