In Service Portal, Guided Tours are unable to auto launch when navigating from another page.
For example, If an user is in pageA and navigates to pageB (where the tour is), then the tour is not launched.
But if pageB is re-loaded, then the Guided Tour is launched. Or if user goes directly to pageB, then the
tour is launched.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Navigate to the "Create Tour" module and create a Service Portal Tour for page sc_category, no roles are needed.
2. In the Tour add an introduction, one step and conclusion.
3. Publish the Tour.
4. Navigate to "Configure Auto Launch" and ensure the auto is ON for the new tour.
5. Go to /sp
6. Click on "Can We Help You?", the tour won't be launch.
If the page is re-loaded, the tour will launch.
Also if you navigate directly to the page, the tour will launch. The issue is only when navigating from other page.

Expected behavior
The tour should be launched.

Actual behavior
The tour is not auto launching.


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