When listing a table and massive updates want to be done to the list records, the "Update Selected" and "Update All" context menu options are selected.
A form is displayed after clicking on any of this options. How can fields be added or removed to this form?  





When the "Update Selected" or "Update All" option is selected, the _update form of the table is displayed. For example, the URL for the
cmdb_ci_server table would be: 



The form that is displayed is the Default view of the table, so in order to add or remove fields, you need to edit the default view for that table.
Another way to get the sys_id of the form section to modify is to inspect the form using the Browser Developer Tools as the below screenshot shows:



So, the section for the the cmdb_ci_server table would be:

- Use the column name when adding fields to the form. 
- Clear cache after modifying the form (/



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All current supported versions. 



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