There are two problems found after the previous issue fixed which is "Mismatch in AWS / Azure and CMP Dashboard billing data

    1. When Azure instance_id ends with '/', there are some costs are assigned to no owner.
    2. When the locale is different from the system default, the cost and usage quantity fields are filled wrongly. The locale is

Steps to Reproduce

Reproduce Issue 1.

  1. Create a schedule that pulls azure billing data.
  2. Find some instance_ids that are ending "/"
  3. Modify the query accordingly to validate the data.

Reproduce Issue 2.

  1. Change the system local to
  2. Pull either aws or azure billing data.
  3. Compare the cost with the cost which was downloaded by the system locale.


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ServiceNow development team provided below workaround to fix the issue before permanent Fix.

Follow the below steps to implement the workaround.

  1. Log into the instance.
  2. Impersonate to the user with privileges to modify  Cloud Billing schedules and tables.
  3. Navigate > Cloud Management > Cloud Admin Portal > Analyse > Billing 
  4. Billing Schedules > Make sure no Billing schedules are currently running 
  5. Deactivate all the Cloud Billing schedules.
  6. Import the XML "Locale.fix".
  7. Execute new billing jobs.

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