Having followed the Configure the card limit for flexible and guided boards documentation to increase the number of displayed cards within a Visual Task Board, it was found that the “This board has exceeded the card limit. Your 1000 cards have been trimmed by Last Updated. The most recent 1000 are on the board.” message was still being displayed in the UI.


This behavior has been tested to be seen in both the London and Madrid releases. There is no reason, though, as to why it shouldn’t also be present in all other applicable releases.


When the ‘glide.vtb.board_max’ System Property is set to a greater value than the default 1000 this will be applied to all newly created boards.

For existing boards, however, the value will be determined by the ‘Card limit’ field set against the corresponding ‘vtb_board’ table records.


You need to set the ‘Card limit’ field on the ‘vtb_board’ table to the value you have set ‘glide.vtb.board_max’ to for all Visual Task Boards that you wish for it to be applicable.

Additional Information

The documentation for setting the ‘glide.vtb.board_max’ System Property does not clearly explain this additional requirement, causing confusion when setting it. It has been requested that it be updated to reflect this.

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 20:38:27