The following information is a guide to enabling CMDB baselines on your CI record.


Part 1: 
The first step is to make the Baselines application module appear on your navigator. To do this please open the following URLs and check the "Active" checkbox and save the record:

After this is done, you will find that the Baselines module becomes accessible in the navigator. 

Part 2: 
Now, we can proceed to configure a baseline for the CMDB. 
1. Navigate to Asset & Configuration > Baselines > Baselines 
2. Click on "New" 
3. Provide a name to your baseline 
4. Submit 

Note: Here you can decide on how you want to configure your baseline here to meet your requirements. By default, you'll notice that the baseline targets the cmdb_ci table. Creating a baseline on cmdb_ci will also enable baseline for tables extended from it, such as cmdb_ci_pc_hardware.

You can choose another table of your choice of course and configure filters as well as you see fit. Please see this document for further details: 

The creation of a baseline is time consuming and occurs in the background. A message at the top of the record list notifies you that your baseline has been scheduled and you will receive an email when the process is complete. 

Part 3: 
Now you will need to configure your CI record to show the CMDB baseline diff field: 
1. Navigate to your CI record
2. Go to the context menu > Configure > Form Layout 
3. In the Available column, locate "CMDB Baseline Diff" and move it to the Selected column 
4. Save 

Part 4: 
The CMDB Baseline diff field calculates the changes based on the audit history of the record. Within the CMDB there are tables that have audit enabled by default such as cmdb_ci_computer while others are not - such as cmdb_ci_pc_hardware.

To enable auditing for the non-audited tables please follow these steps using the cmdb_ci_pc_hardware as an example: 

1. Navigate to System Definition > Dictionary 
2. Filter the list by Table "cmdb_ci_pc_hardware" and type "Collection" 
3. Open the dictionary record for the target table i.e 
4. Check the Audit checkbox 
5. Save 

Now we have auditing enabled for cmdb_ci_pc_hardware.

From this point, any new changes made to your CI on the cmdb_ci_pc_hardware table will be shown in the CMDB Baseline Diff field on the record. 

For more information on Auditing, please see: 

I hope these steps help. Please try them from your end on your dev instance and let me know how it goes

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