The "Second" translation in Japanese is incorrect when it is used as a time 

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Japanese Language environment


The English word "Second" has dual meanings:
• Runner up
• The time unit "second"

In Japanese, these meanings have two distinct words:
• Runner up: 第 2
• The time unit "second": 秒

The English [sys_ui_message] record for key 'second' has the value "Second". This is correct regardless of the context used.

The Japanese record record for key 'second' has the value "第 2", which means "runner up" in Japanese. As these translations are in time periods, the correct Japanese translation to use is actually "秒". Using "第 2" in time periods will cause the phrase to be strange/meaningless. For example, the phrase "1 Second" in English will read as "1 Runner Up" to users with their language set to Japanese.


In the OOB environment, the word "second" is not being used alone, and it is not being used to mean "runner up".

The workaround is to change the Japanese translation [sys_ui_message] record 

THe steps are as follows:

  1. In the navigation pane, type "sys_ui_message.list" to access the table
  2. Search for "second" under the Key
  3. Select the record with Key = "%d second" and open the form for Editing
  4. In the Message field replace "%d 秒" with "第 2"
  5. Select update button to save the modified record

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