In any table that supports activity stream only records after a certain date are displayed on the form, however records before this date do not displayed on the form. The missing entries are however visible in audit history which can be accessed by clicking History/List from the form header menu right click option.


Any Release


This is caused because of system property "glide.history.max_entries" value if the total number of records in the audit data exceeds this value. The property defines maximum number of entries allowed to display in the activity stream, so if the entries exceed the value set in this property, only total number of activities upto a certain date would appear and any other entries will not be visible in the activity stream on the form. The system default for this property is set to a default value of 250.


  • As per the docs link below, modify the value for"glide.history.max_entries" system property as per business requirements

NOTE: Setting the value for this property to a very high number could cause performance issues with the form load. Customers need to configure this value optimally based on their needs. System default is 250. 

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