* The issue is seen in Visual Task Boards, you cannot use touch to drag and drop tasks .
* You also cannot select filter items (such as the names of engineers or status's).
* This issue has been reproduced in Chrome 69 and 71, on Windows 10 touch enabled devices (such as the MS Surface, CTOUCH, or CHUWI tablet).
* In IE 11 and Edge browsers, you can select items to filter, but you cannot drag/drop between lanes (you can drage/drop in the same lane though).

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Log into either Kingston, London, and/or Madrid instances in a Chrome Browser on a touch enabled Windows 10 device
  2. Create a Visual Task Board.
  3. Create a task in one of the lanes.
  4. Using touch, try to drag/drop a task from one lane to another (you will not be able to)
  5. Try to select a username or status from the list of items to filter (the item will be highlighted, but will not be added to the filter).
  6. Try to steps 4 and 5 with either a mouse or trackpad, you will be able to.
  7. In chrome, type in chrome://Flags to the address bar (hit enter), and enable "Touch Events API" and "Touch initiated drag and drop"
  8. Close/reopen the browser
  9. Go to Visual Task Boards and try steps 4 and 5 above and notice you are now be able to do step 4, but still not step 5.


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Related Problem: PRB1326528

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