In the Studio Application, data is visible in the 'selected' side of the slush-bucket even though the user is blocked by ACLs from reading from the many-to-many relationship table.

Steps to Reproduce

To set up the data
1. Login to OOB instance as admin
2. Create a sys_user record with user ID = 'delegated_developer' (no roles yet)
3. Navigate to System Applications > Studio
4. Click 'Create Application' blue button
5. Select 'Start from scratch' - create
6. Name the application 'pepsi cola'
7. Click ''Back to list'
8. On the list of applications, click 'pepsi cola' app, the newly created app
9. In the upper right, select File > Manage Developers
10. Search for 'delegated_developer' and select him
11. Enable (green) 'All File Types'
12. Enable (green) Manage ACLs & Roles
13. Enable Allow Scripting
14. Save (now delegated_developer will have roles)
15. Login as delegated_developer
16. Go to System Applications > Studio
17. Click 'pepsi cola' from the list of applications
18. Click '+ Create Application File' in upper right.
19. Type 'property' in the search bar.
20. Click 'System Property'
21. hit 'Create'
22. Fill in
Suffix: Property One
Value: one
23. hit Submit
24. click '+ Create Application File' in upper right
25. Type 'System property' in search bar
26. Select System Property Category
27. hit Create.
28. Fill in
Name : Category Un
29. Submit
30. While on the 'System Property Category' form, hit the 'Edit' button of 'Properties' related list
31. Select the 'Property One' on the available side of the slushbucket, bring it over to the selected side.
32. Save.
33. Now back on the 'System Property Category' form, association made in step 31 is hidden due to OOB ACL, which is expected and clearly understood.

Observe the symptoms
34. Click on the 'Edit' button of the related list.
35. Observe that there is data describing 'Property One' in the selected side of the slushbucket.

Actual behaviour: Data is displayed in the selected side of the slushbucket
Expected behaviour: No data should be displayed on the selected side of the slushbucket


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Related Problem: PRB1347489

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