When requesting a clone having as source an instance running Kingston release, the following Javascript error might be issued while checking the clone schedule:

"Exception while checking clone schedule:

At this point the clone is not requested in HI and it is not going to be executed.


This issue is only affecting instances pre-London releases. Most of the times this issue has been reported on Kingston Patch 14 as the version of the source instance. 


The root cause for the issue is that on pre-London instances there may be issues with an OOTB System Property called "glide.soaprequest.unescape_xml_response", and the issue can manifest in three ways:

  1. The system property doesn't exists
  2. The system property exists but the value is set to "true"
  3. The system property exists but has an invalid / null value


The workaround for this issue is to create or modify the System Property "glide.soaprequest.unescape_xml_response" on the source instance:

  • If the it exists on the instance, it needs to be set to "false".

  • If it does not exist, create it manually (type = true | false) and set it to "false" or use the XML file attached to this document ( sys_properties_cef0545e0a0a0bc20ca1bbd028a7f285.xml ) to import it on the instance.

    Note that if the System Property is created or modified via XML Import, the instance needs a manual clear of the cache via execution of "".

Additional Information

  1. How to Import an XML file: Import an XML file
  2. To clear the cache users just need to type "" on the filter navigator an hit Enter

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