snc_internal role gets added to the new customer contact record if it's created in Case view.
if customer contact is created in the Default view, the snc_internal is not assigned, the expected snc_external role is assigned.
If customer contact is created in Case view, the snc_internal role is getting assigned. Which is not expected.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Go to Customer Service > Contact
  2. Create New (Confirm that the view is Case view)
  3. Fill mandatory details and click submit/save
  4. Change view to default view from contact list view and open newly created contact

    Actual Result: snc_internal role gets added
    Expected Result: Contact should get sn_esm_user role, which contains the snc_external role and not snc_internal role

    Note: While reproducing this issue on OOB instance, make sure that both "Customer Service" and 'Resource Management' (com.snc.resource_management) plugins are active.


Add view restriction to the 'View Calendar' UI Action (sys_ui_action_c948277093210200ea933007f67ffbe9) by adding the 'resource_manager' role' to the UI Action Visibility' related list.

Related Problem: PRB1333651

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Fixed In

London Patch 10
Madrid Patch 5
New York

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