Beginning with the London release of ServiceNow, the feature "Manage Software Library" was added to provide self-hosted instances with the ability to manually upload Software Library data to their instance.

An issue can be observed when following the upload of a Content Library file and clicking the "Run Import" button to initiate the import/upload of Software Library files, that the import does not start and the error, displayed as an InfoMessage banner displays stating "Please attach a valid content file."

Release or Environment

Self-hosted/on-premise instances on London and onward releases.


This is caused by the "Content type" (content_type) field on the uploaded file's associated attachment (sys_attachment) record being set to something other than 'application/zip' (such as 'application/x-zip-compressed').
This may be caused by a change to the file's MIME file type after being downloaded to the customer's environment from our FTP (in our FTP, the MIME file type for Content Library files is set to 'application/zip' as expected).

When "Run Import" is clicked, the script include (sys_script_include) record 'SAMPContentFileManagerUtil' (sys_id: f3226d1c0b90130083d305c137673ab3) performs a check against the sys_attachment record of the file attached to the "Manage Software Library" (samp_manage_software_library) record for 'Import', and if the content_type value for the record is set to anything other than 'application/zip', the import will not run and the mentioned error message will be displayed.


  1. Using the filter navigator, navigate to the Attachments table (sys_attachment) by typing in 'sys_attachment.list'
  2. From the list view of the Attachments table, filter for the Content Library you attached and run the filter to locate it.
    • Example: If the file you uploaded was '', filter the 'Name' field for this value.
  3. Double-click the "Content type" field for the Content Library file and change it to (without quotes) 'application/zip' and click the green checkbox to save the change.

Provided that there are no additional errors, clicking "Run Import" on the "Manage Software Library" record for 'Import' will now work as expected.

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