Solution is trained multiple times with various inputs/parameters. Below are some tips in reviewing them.

- Prerequisite: Solution(s) are trained previously following Create and train a solution


Tips for reviewing a training solution:

 Tip #1

    1. Multiple solutions are trained. In order to find the difference between each trained solution navigate to Agent Intelligence > Solution > Filter solution Name = <solution name>
      2. In the list that appears ensure you see columns Input,Output,Filter Conditions,Row count
      Active,Created are added by default.
      3.This helps to distinguish different solutions.

 Tip #2

1. Solution Progress can be viewed at View solution training progress
2. When checking the 'Show training progress' link opens empty dialog, see When checking the 'Show training progress' link opens empty dialog

Tip #3

1. Any successful trained solution can be activated. Please see Activate solution version

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